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Is a Back Yard Fence a Security Threat?

Burglar FenceA lot of our customers have back yard privacy fences. Some of them installed these fences hoping that they’d help keep the home safe from burglars.

After all, if the fence is locked from the inside the burglar will just have to climb it, and that would look really suspicious, right?

Unfortunately, fences are not really helpful home security tools. There are many other reasons why you might want one–to protect a dog or a child at play for example–but they just don’t do anything to protect your home.

A really determined burglar can climb that fence unless you went out of your way to put up a spiked security fence. Most neighbors won’t notice. A neighborhood watch is a good thing, but if the neighborhood watch were enough you could be guaranteed that a burglar would be caught the moment he kicks down any unguarded door on your block, and we already know that’s not a realistic expectation.

People are gone throughout the day. At work, at school, at the grocery store. They get distracted. They’re watching television or surfing the Internet. They are not giving you 24/7 coverage.

Once he’s “over the wall” the burglar has some privacy to work on your home. He might even choose this route if breaking into your front door seems too risky.

Fortunately, you’re not going to rely on your fence. Your home security system will go off as soon as he comes into your home from any direction.

And if you think perhaps he can somehow evade the system with enough time and determination, you can make his life a little harder with wireless cameras stored in discreet locations around your back entrance.

A fence is nothing to worry about when you have the right equipment. It becomes a neutral factor.

When you don’t have the right equipment it can actively reduce your home’s overall security. Keep that in mind, and protect your home accordingly!


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