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Got Rebellious Teens? Get Window Contacts!

Teen Sneaks OutSometimes our customers come up with some additional uses for their security system, uses the manufacturers weren’t necessarily thinking about when they created them. One of the systems that we installed recently was for a parent whose teenage daughter kept sneaking out through the back window.

She mentioned that she was buying window contacts specifically for the purposes of keeping her daughter in the house where she belonged.

It’s not a bad idea. Our security systems make it all but impossible to sneak out of the house while the system is armed–at least, not without sneaking all the way to the control panel, first. And there are some ways to make sure the child can’t get out of the house even if he or she does sneak out to the control panel.

What if the system isn’t armed? You can still keep your teen from sneaking out, because you can choose to program your system to let out a little “chime” sound each time a door or window is opened.

If you keep your Master Codes to yourself and assign your teen a separate code of her own then she won’t be able to get rid of the chime option, either.

Remember, too, that you can set “access schedules” for each code, which means your teen’s code won’t work at night if you don’t want it to, even if she’s brave enough to take a stab at the control panel. You could even neglect to tell her that so that she gets caught the first time she tries it.

Hey, parenting is tough, and it’s not always easy to keep our kids safe when they can be their own worst enemies. There’s absolutely no reason why you should not add this powerful home protection tool to your parenting toolbox!

Don’t worry, Mom and Dad. They’ll thank you later. 🙂


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