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Here’s Another Reason Why You Don’t Want a MegaCorp Handling Your Security

security-licenseRecently we talked about some of the reasons why a megacorp might not be the best choice for your home security — especially a megacorp that specializes in something other than security. We’ve recently been reminded of an even more pressing reason why these companies are just never going to be your best bet.

You see, megacorps often hire subcontractors to do all of their installation work. These subcontractors sometimes turn out to be thieves.

There are laws on the books that should protect homeowners from becoming a victim of the very professionals who are meant to protect their homes and families. Every security sales representative and installation professional is supposed to have a license to work within the industry.

To get the license an aspiring security professional must pass an FBI criminal background check. Furthermore, their fingerprints are then entered into a national fingerprint database.

Theoretically, it should be pretty risky for any security professional to commit a crime for the rest of his life once he decides to start work. This would be true even if a professional’s clean background check didn’t already indicate that such behavior would be out of character for him.

If the professional works directly for a security company then it is the security company’s job to ensure that all of this paperwork is taken care of and sent to the appropriate authorities.

But when you hire a subcontractor it is that subcontractor’s responsbility to make sure he is properly licensed. Many subcontractors don’t bother–and the company who hires them just washes its hands of all accountability.

JSB Security hires its entire team directly. All of our security professionals are licensed, background checked and fingerprinted before they are allowed to start work.

If someone breaks into your home it won’t be one of us, which means it won’t be someone who might know your security code or your password.

Who would you rather trust with the safety of your home and family? A company who takes responsibility for the behavior of its professionals…or one who tries to dodge that responsibility for the sake of a quick buck?


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