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4 Things You Should Know About Motion Detectors

motion detectorMotion detectors are great little pieces of equipment. They help protect the areas of your home that aren’t covered by contacts on your doors.

However, there are a few things you should know about them if you’re going to interact with them properly.

1. You must commit to controlling them.

Motion detectors must be armed and disarmed just like your alarm system. For example, you don’t want them “on” when you’re at home and moving around the house.

They don’t come on if your system isn’t armed, of course. But some people like to re-arm their system as soon as they’re safely back in the home. That means hitting the “Motion Off” button to ensure that you don’t trip your own system.

This isn’t a huge problem. The problem occurs when people get sick of dealing with their motion detectors. They just leave the “motion off” button on constantly.

Obviously, when this happens, you are not giving your home all of the protection that it deserves.

2. Using them at night is a personal decision.

Some people can use their motion detectors at night. Others can’t.

Much depends on your home’s layout and your evening habits. Motion detectors are usually placed in the living room. If you tend to sleep clear through the night without waking up then it’s not a bad idea to leave them armed once you go to sleep.

If you can get to the bathroom or even the kitchen without venturing into your living room then, again, you can probably leave them armed at night.

You can also probably leave them armed at night if you choose to put a control panel in your bedroom, or if you’re conscientious about keeping your phone plugged in and nearby. If so, you can shut off the motion detector when you need to get up, and put it on again when you go back to bed.

Otherwise, motion detectors are generally used as an added layer of security for those times when everyone is out of the house.

3. Motion detectors and cats do not mix.

You can keep a motion detector with a dog, because motion detectors are raised to detect motion at human heights. Dogs rarely jump high enough to set them off.

Cats are a different story. Cats can get up to all kinds of high places–and are very adept at causing false alarms as they leap to the tops of bookshelves or entertainment centers.

If you have a cat, you’ll need to explore other options.

4. You have other options!

If a motion detector isn’t right for you and your home you do have other options.

A glass break detector is one easy option. Instead of detecting motion it will detect broken glass, which essentially covers the only other method of entry to your home that isn’t already covered by contacts, which is through the windows.

You can also opt for wireless cameras. These won’t set off the alarm, but they will snap a fine photo for the police department, and they’ll give you an alert to your smart phone. Some people even like a combination of both pieces of equipment for the ultimate in cutting edge security.

Best of all, you don’t need to make these decisions alone. Call JSB today! We’ll send a qualified security expert who will do a free security analysis on your home.


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