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Do You Need Contacts on Every Window?

Contacts on WindowsA basic security system–that is, the type of system that’s generally included within our free equipment offer–usually does not come with contacts for windows. That leads many of our customers to worry about whether they’ll still be safe.

So we wanted to take a moment to speak, in-depth, about the issue of contacts on windows.

Contacts on windows are definitely nice to have.

If you can afford them it’s really nice to have contacts on every window. And thanks to our wireless security systems it’s even possible to do it without re-wiring the whole house or running wire outside of every window, two reasons why most people did not get window contacts in the past.

It just adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind. As we’ve discussed in the past, security is all about adding layers.

You should not put off buying a security system just because you can’t put contacts on all the windows. You can always add them at a later date.

However, we can still make your home safe without them.

Since it was actually impossible to add window contacts to many homes in the past the security industry had to evolve to find other ways to catch people who choose the window as their method of entry. These options come standard with most security packages.

To this end, there are two pieces of equipment you can opt for. One is the motion detector.

The motion detector usually covers downstairs areas that are not covered by the door. This must be turned off and on manually so that you don’t trip your own alarm system after arming it at night.

You can keep your smart phone by your bedside and control the motion detector from there if you want to keep the motion detector active during the evening hours. That way, you can turn it off when you get up.

If you don’t want the extra hassle of a motion detector you can opt for a glass-break instead. This is a great option for folks who have sliding glass doors, as well.

A glass break doesn’t have to be armed and disarmed, and it will set off the alarm the moment a window breaks. It also listens for a particular sort of glass breaking sound–you won’t set off a false alarm just by dropping a plate, in other words.

We do recommend additional window locks.

Breaking a window to get inside of a house is actually quite high-risk for burglars. They literally have to crawl through broken glass to get into their home.

It also makes a lot of noise and runs the risk of attracting the attention of curious neighbors. It makes it utterly obvious that the burglar is breaking in.

Most burglars who use the windows do not opt to smash them with a hammer. Most burglars slip in through unlocked windows, or windows that people have just left open to catch breezes.

If you really want to prevent a burglar from entering your home through the windows you should make sure that you close and secure your windows whenever you’re not at home and whenever you go to sleep. You should also consider adding screw-type window locks, which make them all but impossible to open so long as you remember to lock them.

Incidentally, screw-type window locks will help you get additional homeowner’s insurance discounts.

Most burglars use the door.

Most burglars aren’t criminal masterminds. They just try to kick down the door, period.

That means that your basic alarm system will catch 90% of the criminals out there without any additional work on your part.


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