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Home Automation with Z-Wave Technology

ZstatAre you inspired by the “Internet of Things?” We can help you transform that sci-fi dream into a reality right now, just by using your alarm system.

You see, each 2 Gig Go! Controller has the power to control any Z-wave enabled household appliance or door lock. You can either control these devices from your control panel or from your computer or smart phone.


Locks require a Kwickset Z-Wave deadbolt to become part of your total home automation system. These devices are installed on all exterior doors for the maximum in modern home protection.

There are massive advantages to using these locks. First, you can use keycodes to enter your house, instead of using keys. There’s nothing to lose, and it’s pretty easy to change the code.

They’re really great for latch key kids, because you don’t have to send kids to school with keys or hide keys under mats anymore.

Second, these devices are excellent at defending you from “lock bumping” burglars, since they can’t be manipulated that way. You can even make it impossible to open the lock at all within certain periods of time, such as the times you know you won’t be home.

Finally, you can open your doors remotely if you need to. This is handy if a house guest arrives at your home before you get a chance to get home from work, for example, or if you need to let a repair person in or out.

Your Thermostat

Installing a 2 Gig CT 100 Thermostat is one of the best ways to control your home energy bill.

These aren’t just programmable thermostats. You can turn the heat up or down when you’re not there, so you don’t waste any power. You can also use the data from your security keypad to determine the right schedule for your thermostat, one that’s based on all of the times the home is actually in use.

That smart phone control is sort of nice during the colder months, if you happen to keep your smart phone by your bed. If you wake up to a freezing cold house you can turn up the thermostat from beneath your warm covers and hit the snooze button instead of trekking through the house with chattering teeth to reach the controls.


Burglars use light activity to figure out if anyone is home. Having lights scheduled to flip on or off while you’re away or on vacation can be a powerful deterrent to most criminals.

It won’t fool every criminal. But you can catch anyone else with your security system.

Again, you can control all of this with your smart phone or PC, not just your alarm system control panel. The Internet of Things is here, and you can take advantage of it right now by calling JSB Security today.


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