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Using Your Duress Code

duresscodeOne of the questions that we typically receive from customers is, “What do I do if someone puts a gun in my face and forces me to deactivate my alarm system?”

This is a great question, and it shows that you are thinking in the right direction by trying to anticipate what a criminal might do. Fortunately, we do have an answer to this problem. It’s called the Duress Code.

The Duress Code is a special code that seems to deactivate the alarm on your end. But it immediately triggers an alert in our monitoring center that tells us that you are in immediate physical danger. Thus, you should only use it in the event that someone is trying to force you to deactivate your alarm system against your will.

There is absolutely no way to tell that you’ve used your duress code. Even a criminal who knows they exist will have to hope that you didn’t remember yours, or use it. Truthfully, those who do know that duress codes exist are even less likely to try to make your home into their target. It just grows less and less worth it as they have fewer and fewer options for getting around the alarm system.

What if you forget your duress code under stress? We have an answer to that too.

You see, we know that you might not be thinking that clearly when you’ve got a gun to your head. And we know that you might not remember that code, which you set just once.

Thus, the 2 Gig Go!Control box has a “Secret Duress Button.” You can hit it, and then enter any valid user code to alert the monitoring center to your situation. You can even use this button when the system is already disarmed. It’s a nice little panic button to use because it’s utterly quiet on your end, and it’s certainly a lot faster than calling 9-1-1 yourself.

It’s just one more way that we’re looking out for your home and family.

If you’re ready to arm yourself with state of the art home protection, call us! You can get up to $1300 in free equipment when you do.


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