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Why You Need Multiple Security Codes

controlPanel2Our 2 Gig Go!Control allows you to assign up to 32 alarm codes. It’s in the specs, but you might not know why this is important.

So let’s imagine, if you will, that you can only set one alarm code. You must then give out that alarm code to everyone who might enter your home, including pet sitters, babysitters, housekeepers, and appliance repair people.

Then, you would either need to change your primary code and memorize it anew each and every time you stopped doing business with one of those people–or you’d have to accept that there would be a select number of individuals who are capable of disarming your alarm. This actually defeats the purpose of having an alarm system at all, since many burglaries are “inside” jobs and some of those “service professionals” were busy casing your house while they were performing the work you hired them to do.

It’s an enormous hassle, because nobody wants to remember new codes every month. Human nature says that a one-code system is going to create a scenario where the alarm system is vulnerable.

Now let’s contrast that with the 2 Gig Go!Control. You have up to 32 codes that you can give out.

How is this different? Well, you’ll have the primary code for your family that is never going to change. You won’t have to memorize a new code every month.

Now, let’s say you hire a babysitter. You’re going to give the babysitter a code of your own.

A month later your babysitter spends the whole night on the phone with her boyfriend, so you decide to get a new babysitter. Now you can just remove the old babysitter’s code from the system while assigning a new code to your new babysitter. The end result? Only those people you trust get to have a code, and they only have a code so long as there is a legitimate purpose for them to be in your home.

Furthermore, the 2 Gig Go!Control lets you set these codes so that they only work on a schedule. If your appliance repair guy is scheduled to be in your home from 10 am to 2 pm then you can give him the code for that window of time. If he tries to enter at any other time–say, 3 in the morning while your family is sleeping–then the code won’t work, and he’ll set off the alarm.

This is just another way that JSB Security uses the latest in modern day alarm technology to keep you safe. Call us today and find out how you can have the 2 Gig Go!Control panel installed in your home!


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