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Are “New Home” Subdivisions Safer?

New Home SubdivisionMany of the people who we speak to every day live in builder-created, or “new home” subdivisions. All of the homes look the same in these neighborhoods, and there’s a certain amount of uniformity in the income and lifestyles of the people living there.

Thus, these neighborhoods create little havens of normalcy in a chaotic world, and they feel completely safe to those who are living there. It’s easy to let one’s guard down under such circumstances.

It’s true that you won’t generally see any drive-by shootings in neighborhoods like these. Kids can usually play in the yard or ride their bikes without fear.

But those aren’t the kinds of threats we defend against anyway. We protect people from burglaries, home invasions, fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning. These problems can still show up in a nice neighborhood.

Especially burglary and home invasion.

Your Pretty Neighborhood Looks like K-Mart for Criminals

Let’s get into the head of a thief for a moment. When he’s picking a target, what do you think he’ll look for?

If he’s in a low-income neighborhood, he knows the people in the houses he’s passing probably don’t own much.

But when he’s in a new-build neighborhood, he can probably make some assumptions about what you might own. You probably own a television. Maybe two. At least one of them is likely to be an HDTV. You probably own computers–maybe one big one, and some smaller laptops or tablets. You may own a DVD player or a gaming console, plenty of DVDs to go with it, cash, and jewelry. All of these items are easy to turn into cash on the street.

It’s reasonable to assume that every house on your block probably contains a similar set of items, isn’t it?

New Neighborhoods are Full of New People

You may have some homes in your neighborhood that are under construction right now. There may be quite a few that haven’t sold yet, too.

So what does this mean? This means construction trucks, Realtors, and potential home buyers are moving in and out of your neighborhood all day long. You’re probably also seeing the cars of guests, housekeepers, and babysitters. It’s impossible to tell who belongs, and who doesn’t.

Incidentally, it’s not that easy to tell who belongs and who doesn’t belong in most neighborhoods. But you’d never know if some burglar were out “casing” the neighborhood, looking for the next big target.

Stop guessing!

CHances are you chose this neighborhood, in part, because you wanted to keep your family safe. You’ve achieved part of your goal.

We’re only asking you to complete the process, and to take the necessary steps which will allow you to be truly safe in your home. Are you ready? Call JSB for a free security evaluation today.


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