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Back To School Security Tips for Latchkey Kids

Back to School SafetyThe kids will be heading back to school soon, so we thought this was a good time to cover some back-to-school safety basics for latchkey kids. It’s a good idea to take a moment to review these tips even with very experienced latchkey kids. The summer months can dull memories pretty fast!

Here are a few of the items that you should think about covering.

Home Alone Ground Rules

It’s best to set home-alone ground rules. You should cover procedures for answering the door, for answering the phone, and for having friends over.

You might also cover rules about whether it’s okay to cook a snack, for any chores that should be done, and for whether the homework needs to be done first thing. Kids with solid rules for their time alone tend to do better than kids who assume that being home alone represents a free-for-all.

If anyone other than Mom or Dad will ever be picking up your kids you should add a “code word” to the rules. For example, your code word could be “cabbage” or “sprinkles” or something else that doesn’t come up in normal conversation. The pick-up party will have to give the code word before the kids get in the car with him or her.

You should also establish a “safe point.” If the kids come home and the alarm has gone off they need to have a good spot to retreat too, either a neighbor’s house or a friend’s house. They should call you right away, and they shouldn’t enter the house. If the police are already on-site they might wait in the yard, but they shouldn’t go in until the police clear them.

Teach kids how to use the alarm system.

An alarm system can’t protect your family if it’s not being armed and disarmed properly. Make sure your kids understand exactly how to use the system.

They need to know the keypad code, but they also need to know the family’s password in case the alarm company needs to call. They need to know when it’s appropriate to use the panic buttons, too.

Most of all, they need to know that all of this is confidential information that should never be shared with friends.

Consider Installing Wireless Security Cameras

Our wireless security cameras will give you peace of mind for back-to-school time. They’ll take a photo of your kids when they walk through the door and they’ll text that photo to your phone so that you have physical evidence that they have arrived safely.

Yes, you could ask your kids to text you, but this is risky. Someone could threaten your kids into sending the message. Less obedient children could text while going over to a friend’s house, and you’d never know.

This way, there’s no fooling the system. You have confirmation that’s hard to fool.


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