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Textbook Burglary Near Charlotte, NC

TextbookBurglaryCharlotteA recent burglary in Gastonia got our attention because it was practically a textbook case. This is a good case to look at if you’re on the fence about getting a home security system, because it highlights the very real facts that we share with our customers and potential customers every single day.


The burglary took place on a Sunday morning while the victims were at church. As we’ve mentioned before, most burglaries don’t happen at night, the way people think they do. Most burglaries happen during the daytime, when people are out and about.

This is not to say that crime never happens at night. Crime happens all the time. The timing of this case just happens to demonstrate that there is no magical “safe” time.

Method of Entry

The burglar kicked in the front door. Most burglars do–this is why contacts are so effective! They shut down one of the quickest and easiest methods of entry that a burglar might choose.

Items Stolen

The burglar went for cash, guns, and jewelry. These are items with a high street value and are easy to exchange or resell.

There is no replacing the sentimental value attached to the jewelry in particular. While the couple’s homeowner’s insurance policy might pay for the loss, it’s unlikely the specific pieces will ever be seen again. And how will these homeowners feel if someone uses a gun stolen from their home to commit a crime later?

It could happen to you.

Burglars strike when and where you least expect them. When they do, you lose more than your property.

You also lose your peace of mind. Your sense of your home as being a safe place for you and your family.

We’d rather not read about your home in the news next. You can sit and hope that it never will happen, or you can “harden your target” by calling JSB Security for a free security analysis today.


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