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Laundromat Burglary in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte-Laundry-BurglaryYou might wonder what thieves could possibly steal at a Laundromat. After all, it would be pretty hard to walk out with one of those 80 gallon washers.

But thieves will try just about anything. In this case, they went after the money inside of the change machines.

Once again, it’s clear that there is just no such thing as a business that does not need a monitored security system. The damage to the change machines was probably greater and more expensive than the money that was stolen.

Our security recommendation for Laundromats, beyond installing security systems, would be to go to some sort of keycard or debit key system. Another burglar might have gone for money inside of the washers and driers, too. A key or debit card system would take the security risks down to one or two machines. You could then point a closed-circuit camera at each machine for an extra layer of security.

Incidentally, a debit key system also keeps people from coming in, using change machines to create quarters, and taking them down the street to car washes or other businesses that don’t benefit you.

We would advise all of the remaining Laundromats in Charlotte to act as if they are “on-notice” from the crime community. Criminals are often copy-cats, and this probably won’t be the last attempt on Laundromats in the city.

If you own a Laundromat and you haven’t taken the time to secure your business yet, call us for a free estimate. Remember, locking your doors at closing time is just not enough to keep thieves at bay!


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