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How to Stay Safe in Your Hotel Room

Modern luxury hotel reception counter desk with bellSince we’re right in the middle of vacation season we thought we’d take a moment to discuss your personal security when you’re away from home. After all, you can’t have a great vacation if you can’t have a safe vacation.

When you’re in a hotel somewhere it’s tempting to feel as though you are safe. After all, there’s a lock on your door, right? And though you my have heard of vacations gone wrong, it’s tempting to feel that nothing will happen to you.

But if you’ve spent any time on this blog at all, you know that criminals thrive on the “it can’t happen to me” mentality. Thus, it’s important to take safety precautions.

Know your hotel security.

You research a lot about a hotel before you choose one. You might check to see whether it has room service, a pool, or rates you can afford. Why not stop and check on their security at the same time?

Do the rooms have electronic locks with key cards that change each time a new guest enters the hotel, or do they have old fashioned iron keys with the room number stamped on top of it? Are there sprinkler systems in the hallways? Are there security cameras in public areas?

If this information isn’t on the hotel’s website, give them a call. Ideally, you’ll choose the most secure hotel you can find.

Control the flow of information.

“Loose lips sink ships,” or so the saying goes. You don’t want everyone knowing your business while you’re traveling.

Start with your hotel room number. Some desk clerks will just say it out loud. Ask for another room if they do that, and ask them to write it on a piece of paper. The room you’re inhabiting is nobody’s business.

Don’t assume that nobody could possibly want anything with you or your belongings. You just never know. Someone might have caught sight of your expensive camera. Someone might have spotted your laptop. Someone might be up to no good for a thousand reasons you can’t predict.

Make sure it’s difficult to tell when you’re in the room or not. Call for housekeeping rather than putting out the door hanger, which often serves as a clue. Keep the television on when you’re out. Be a little bit unpredictable. And, of course, don’t admit anyone to your room that you didn’t specifically call for.

Know your hotel’s address.

There could be thirty “Best Westerns” in town. Calling 911 and saying you’re “at the Best Western” may mean help does not get to you in time.

You could also be lost while you’re out and about. You need a safe way to get back to your things and your room. Some sites suggest taking a copy of a business card or matchbook and keeping it with you at all times.

Use a portable door wedge.

Keeping yourself safe in your hotel room is one of the few times when we might recommend any type of DIY security. A door wedge can be invaluable to protecting your safety, especially in hotels with old fashioned “key” locks. Often, hotel managers don’t change the keys, and copies do get around.

Some door wedges even come with alarms that might startle an attacker and warn you if you’re asleep. So they can be a pretty good investment all things considered, giving you an extra layer of security that fits neatly into your bags.

We don’t want you to spend your entire vacation scared. But we do want you to spend your entire vacation being safe.

We don’t sell door wedges, but we can keep your home safe while you’re away. Are you ready to experience peace of mind with a monitored home alarm system? Call JSB Security today.


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