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Why Standardized Alarm Equipment is an Absolute Must

2Gig TSI Secondary KeypadIf you walk into any two homes that are monitored by JSB Security you’ll notice something right away. Both homes have identical alarm equipment.

You may be thinking, “Okay, but why does that mean anything?”

Believe it or not, this isn’t actually true of most alarm companies.

There are two ways for an alarm company to expand. One way they can grow is by delivering phenomenal service to customers. They can then go out and sell more systems.

The second way is to buy out other alarm companies, or buy monitoring contracts from them. We don’t use that method, because it’s very problematic.

You see, when you buy out another alarm company you end up monitoring many homes that have a mishmash of equipment. Some equipment could be decades old. Some equipment could be in desperate need of servicing.

Sometimes it’s even worse. Sometimes the monitoring transfer doesn’t go so smoothly. An alarm company that participates in a buy out might buy 5000 homes at a time.

The transfer may drop 500 of them, and neither the homeowner or the alarm company becomes aware of it until a rep comes out trying to “renew” services. But the billing process marches merrily along. Imagine the frustration and anger of a customer who learns he or she has paid for a year of monitoring that the customer didn’t get!

It’s not a matter of malice. It’s a genuine error. But it’s a genuine error that puts lives in danger.

When the equipment goes wrong the service people from a buyout company may or may not be able to fix it. Often, it’s just too old and outdated. Then the customer hears the unhappy news that they can’t get new equipment unless they pay for all of it, often to the tune of $1000 or more. Why? Because they’re not a new customer.

By contrast, if one of our panels goes wrong we can just swap it out. It’s easy. All of our equipment was made by the same manufacturer, and it’s all cutting edge.

In addition, we’ve never billed someone for a house we did not monitor.

Why not put your trust in a company that takes the time and makes the effort to build relationships, instead of buying them? If you live in the Charlotte, NC area call JSB Security for your free home safety evaluation today!


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