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The Top Six Reasons You Might Experience a House Fire

house-fire-causesMost of us think of a fire as something that happens to other people. Like many hazards and dangers in everyday living, we believe it will “never happen to us.”

But the most common fires start because people are doing fairly routine things that they don’t think about.

1. Cooking Disasters

On TV, fires start because of arson or because someone had “a gas leak.” In real life, many fires start because of cooking accidents.

Of course, if you’re standing right at the stove you can usually quell a sudden blaze. Grease can catch pretty quickly, for example. It’s happened to all of us at some point.

But can you honestly say that you always watch your pots? Have you ever walked away from your kitchen to take on some other task? It only takes a split second.

We’re in the summer season now too, so it’s important to pay attention to your barbecue pit as well. Never leave flammables near the pit, and don’t ever try to grill indoors.

2. Poorly Maintained Electrical Systems

Do you have frayed wires in your home? How about a breaker box that trips with alarming regularity?

You can’t treat problems with your electrical system like a minor annoyance. It might be costly and it might be stressful, but you need to call an electrician right away.

Faulty electrical systems and frayed cords can quickly overheat. These sparks become flames very quickly, and can catch on rugs, curtains, and other flammables.

You should also get your system checked out if your outlets or plugs get unusually hot, or if you see any strange marks around your systems. An “electrical smell” is also a bad sign.

3. Blocked Dryer Vents

Does it take you two or three tries to dry a load of clothes? Best call someone to take a look at your dryer.

Clogged drier vents spark 15,000 house fires every year. Take a look at these tips from Angie’s List to learn more about drier vent fires and how to prevent them.

4. Candles

We’re coming up on hurricane season, so this can be more of an issue than ever. Many people use candles to weather the storm, though battery operated lanterns are a safer option.

Of course, candles come out for all kinds of reasons. People enjoy the sight and the scent of them, too.

But again, can you say with absolute certainty that you’ve never left a candle unattended?

5. Improperly Stored Flammables

Flammables such as paint or solvent can become really dangerous if they are stored improperly. For example, one fire was started when a pair of paint cans got left out on a deck. The sun overheated them.

Most of these products include instructions for safe, proper storage. Many of us just carelessly store those products in our garages without really paying attention to the instructions.

6. Smoking

Smoking isn’t as common as it once was, so it may surprise you to hear that it’s still a common cause for fires. But many who do smoke don’t take it very seriously, and think nothing of lighting up while in bed, or walking away from a cigarette in an ash tray.

Of course, accidents happen.

Sometimes all the care and concern in the world can’t stop a fire from happening. Lightning causes fires too, and arson does happen.

That’s why you have homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance. It’s also the reason why we keep urging you to get a hardwired, monitored smoke detector for your home.

Our hardwired smoke detectors are truly accurate, and they never run out of batteries. They also call the fire department so you don’t have to. That means the blaze gets put out faster, even if you’re not home, and you can concentrate on saving the lives of your family if you are.

Live in the Charlotte, NC area? Call us to talk about monitored fire protection today. Don’t wait! Fires can happen to anyone, at any time.


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