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Why You Don’t Want Google Handling Your Home Security

Google According to Forbes, Google is poised to enter the home security market. They are looking at in-home CCTV cameras as a part of their big “Internet of Things” push.

Google is a great company, and they do many things very well. However, home security is probably not going to be one of those things. Here are some reasons why you probably don’t want to trust the search engine giant with the safety of your home and family.

Beware the Bundled Provider

“Bundled” providers of any kind are a little bit of a problem. Google isn’t the first company to assume that security is just like any other home service, which is why Time Warner has been trying to offer security services for years.

It goes without saying that Google certainly offers a lot of services that have nothing to do with home security.

When it comes to home security, however, it’s usually better to go with a company that does one thing, and does it well. You want a domestic monitoring center too, not someone’s outsourced-to-India version of home security. We’re not saying this is what Google will do, but many providers do this when they’re offering security as part of an overall “bundle.”

Getting a home security system is all about protecting your life and your property. It’s not just another gadget.

If you read the Forbes article you’ll see this principle in action. Google-owned Nest sold smoke detectors that ended up recalled because they were prone to shutting themselves off while a legitimate fire was raging. Nest started as a thermostat company, not as a protection company.

Data Mining: In Your Home?

Google already sells your search data to advertisers. The Google Maps cars already collect far more information (such as WiFi passwords) than any of us ever thought possible. And it’s well known that Google sells some of this information to the NSA as well.

Do you really want to hand a company that makes a killing on selling information an inside, camera-eye view of your home? Imagine Google riding shotgun in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Again, we’re not saying they’re going to do anything untoward with the data they would get from their home security solutions. But it’s an undisputed fact that Google does collect and sell data, and you’d have to extend an awful lot of trust to say, “But of course they wouldn’t use this data in a way I wouldn’t like.”

The Home Security Industry Does Not Need Google to Be Innovative

Some people are excited for the “innovations” that Google might bring to the home security industry.

But the truth is, innovation is already happening in the security field. Our products, for example, already have full smartphone integration.

You don’t have to worry that you’ll be left behind by choosing to stick with home security experts.

Let Google concentrate on finding web pages for you. Let us keep your home and family safe. We’ve recently expanded our service area, so if you live in any of the states we cover please call us today and we’ll offer you an expert home security audit, free of charge.


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