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Why a Key Fab is a Good Security Solution

2gig-remoteA wireless key fab is one of the optional accessories we offer to our security customers. Many people look at it as a simple convenience item, but it can play a big role in keeping you safe.

Consider this story about a robbery that took place on Jordan’s Pond Lane here in Charlotte. In this case, the robbers gained access to the home by forcing the homeowner into the home at gunpoint.

What if the homeowner had a key fab and could take the opportunity to quickly hit the police panic button? Perhaps gun fire might never have been exchanged.

In this story, the homeowner shot the gunman. But the story could have had another ending. By taking it to a gun fight the homeowner could have gotten hurt instead.

There’s nothing wrong with having a gun, of course. But making a gun your first and only line of defense in a crisis could put your life at risk.

And even if you did pull your gun, wouldn’t it be better to know that help is already on the way? Even the police call for back-up when they are in a dangerous situation. Shouldn’t you have that option as well?

And hey, even if you’re never facing down a gun man on your front porch you can still use your key fab to operate your alarm remotely when you’re bringing in your kids or your groceries, sparing you the need to operate your keypad as you shuffle and struggle with an armload of stuff.

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