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Scam Alert: Home Security Robocalls

Mobile phone in hand with "turn off" labelScams seem to run in cycles. Last January a home security robocall scam was in the North Carolina news. Now we’re starting to see it again, and while the most recent news comes from other states we thought we’d take a moment to warn you about the scam here on our blog, just in case it shows up here again.

The call doesn’t really steal any money from you. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that it helps scammers and just plain annoying telemarketers target you for more lucrative ventures.

The call opens with crime statistics and then tells you that you can get a security system for free just for letting them place a sign in your yard. It then tells you to press a number if you don’t want to receive any more calls.

That’s the trap. As soon as you press that button you’re confirming that the number is valid. The computer records your number as a good number and the flood gates open.

So just hang up.

Legitimate security companies do not use robocalls, and we don’t give away free equipment just because you stick a sign in your yard.

We do give away free equipment. But it comes with a monitoring agreement, which is the important part of the security system. The part that actually gets you help in the event of a crisis.

We don’t really use telemarketers. We have an inside sales call center–if you call us with an interest in one of our systems then we will happily talk to you about it.

We also have an outside sales team. They may knock on your door. If they do, they have a badge that you can check right here on our website so that you know that they’re legitimate. And thanks to state and federal laws regulating security professionals, they have undergone full criminal background checks and their fingerprints are already on file with law enforcement, so you know that they are safe to open the door to and have a conversation with should you desire.

Please get a home security system. But please make sure you are dealing primarily with a reputable security company when you do.


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