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DIY Security: It Won’t Protect You

A DIY system is definitely not the right tool for the job of protecting your home.

A DIY system is definitely not the right tool for the job of protecting your home.

Forbes is all abuzz this week about emerging DIY security companies. They are confident that DIY security is about to become a billion dollar industry.

We don’t doubt that some people will opt for DIY security. Some people always do. But that does not make it the smart choice.

In an earlier post we mentioned that the police ignore DIY security alarms. They’re more likely to give false alarms.

Of course, the chances that a police officer is going to just happen to be in your neighborhood on patrol and capable of hearing your DIY alarm through his car and through the walls of your house are slim to none anyway. A DIY, non-monitored alarm system doesn’t alert law enforcement (it can’t) so it’s less a matter of being “ignored” and more a matter of being unheard.

So you can get a DIY alarm system for a couple hundred bucks and no monthly fee. So what? You can get an airhorn for $24 bucks and no monthly fee. And that’s all a DIY system is. A big airhorn–a noisemaker.

It has just one use. If you’re in the house and someone breaks in you will certainly wake up.

We often hear people tell us that it’s “easy” for a burglar to disable a security system if he really wants to.

That is absolutely true–for a DIY system. After all, he just has to make the noise stop.

A professionally installed, monitored home security system is 100% different. In order to truly “disable” the device he’d have to find the actual brain of the system, which is nowhere near the keypad.

It’s hidden deep in the house, and it’s busy alerting a real live human being that there is a problem whether the “noise” inside the house continues or not.

We totally understand the urge to save money. That’s why we make sure you know about things like homeowner’s insurance discounts, and why we give away a lot of our equipment for free.

But if you spend $300 on something that doesn’t protect your home, you haven’t saved money. You’ve just spent money.

And by the way, your homeowner’s insurance company isn’t going to be impressed with a non-monitored alarm system either, which is why they won’t give you the discount.

Ours pays for itself. Theirs doesn’t. Ours protects you. Theirs doesn’t. The choice is clear.


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