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Protect Yourself with Renter’s Insurance

renter's insuranceIn a previous post we talked about whether or not renters should consider getting a home security system. Many people assume that it’s just not feasible for them, when in fact, modern technology makes it perfectly possible to install a system without doing anything a landlord might object to.

Insurance is another thing that a lot of renters don’t think about, simply because unlike homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance is not always required. Many renters assume they’re covered by their landlord’s insurance policy.

This isn’t true. The landlord’s policy will cover the structure you’re living in. It’ll help your landlord make replacements or repairs in the event of a fire. But it won’t help you replace anything you own in the event of fires or theft.

In addition, if a fire starts in your home and you don’t have a policy some states actually let the landlord “subrogate” against you, which means, in just very basic terms, that they can come after you for damages that they’d normally ask your insurance company to pay.

Not having renter’s insurance is just bad news.

Recently here in Charlotte there were a group of renters who lost everything in a fire. They made the news because an extreme coupon group came together as a community to help them out with many of the items they’d stockpiled over the years.

And while this was an awesome story of human kindness in action, it also highlighted the importance of renter’s insurance. These fire victims did not have it…and while they are surely grateful for the help, it’s probable that they would have been even more grateful to have a big check that might have helped them replace what they lost, or pay deposits on a new place to live.

We think about renter’s insurance because we want our customers, neighbors, and friends to be safe in all aspects of their lives. We also happen to know that an alarm system entitles renters to insurance discounts. Renter’s insurance isn’t expensive to begin with (we’ve seen policies as small as $15 a month), but every dollar certainly counts, and it’s nice to know that you can offset the costs of both kinds of protection.

So call your insurance agent. And if you live in the Charlotte, NC area, call us. We’ll help you get set up with an alarm system, and your insurance agent will help you get set up with the discounts, as well as with a policy that will give you peace of mind in the event that the unthinkable happens.


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