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Which Businesses Don’t Need Security Systems?

Cracked GlassHint. It’s a trick question.

But there are still some business owners out there who think they can get away with simply locking the doors of their businesses. Often they feel like there’s really “nothing of value” inside of their business…at least, not when compared to a retail store that sells high-end electronics or guns or something like that.

But burglars look at things a little differently. Here in Charlotte a man was recently arrested for breaking into a Golf Club.

When you think about high-value targets for thieves golf stores probably aren’t that high on your list. But the way you see the world isn’t necessarily the way the thief sees the world.

This thief was after money, beer, golf balls, and candy. He even left the most expensive golf clubs alone. But each robbery still represented a loss for the business owner. It also represented a loss for his reputation…how many customers feel truly safe going back to his establishment now that they know that it’s been robbed?

For us, the truly amazing part of this story was that the business owner was hit multiple times. He obviously had the fallacious “lightning only strikes once” mentality.

But a thief who strikes once is likely to strike a second time. Why not? He already knows your defenses. He already knows the layout. He already knows what he wants from the second robbery.

This business owner could have saved a lot of time, expense, and stress simply by installing a security alarm on his premises. At the very least, he should have done so after the robber struck the first time. He probably simply did not know that statistics showed that he was likely to experience a second burglary very soon after the first. He was hit three times in eight days.

How much did it cost him?

Odom [the owner], a longtime golf pro at local clubs, just bought Twin Oaks two years ago. He spent more than $100,000 renovating the greens, and now has had to replace a broken window and cash registers.

The repair bill is more than the value of items stolen, said Odom, and his insurance doesn’t cover the losses because the amount of damage doesn’t meet the deductible.

“It’s just a huge headache,” said Odom. “It drives you crazy that people don’t value your property like you do.”

The robber had hit other golf shops in the area as well.

Please don’t assume that your business is not worth a burglar’s time.

If your business is in the Charlotte, NC area don’t wait another minute. Call us for a free security analysis. We’ll walk you through the benefits you can expect to receive by investing in a business security system.


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