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How Does a Home Security System Work?

Security SystemHow does a home security system work? What does it do to actually keep your home and family safe?

These are very valid questions. It’s occurred to us that understanding what the system actually does could help you make a more informed decision about monitored home security systems.


Contacts are small magnets that are paired with one another. We place one on the door frame and one on the door when we install them on doors. When we install them on windows, one goes on the frame and one goes on the window.

When the window or door is closed both halves of the contact are together. Thus, the alarm system knows (either because it is wired to the contacts or through wireless communication) that the door or window is safely closed. When the system is armed, “closed” is what we want.

When the door or the window is opened the contacts are broken apart. The system is alerted. There’s a long beep for about 45 seconds. This gives the home owner the chance to enter his or her code.

If nobody enters the code, the alarm starts to sound. Often, this 92 decibel shriek is enough to scare off most intruders. However, false alarms do happen, so there’s another fail safe.

The monitoring center.

When the alarm sounds a signal is sent from the alarm’s control box. This is not the keypad itself, but the actual control system, which is typically hidden in an interior closet where it cannot be easily or quickly found and disabled.

The signal goes straight to the monitoring center. This is a good thing–it helps prevent false alarms. We then call your home.

If you’ve simply failed to hit the code fast enough, for example, you can pick up the phone, give us the password, and tell us all is well. If nobody picks up the phone, or if someone picks up and gives the wrong password, then we will call the police right away. This whole process takes less than a minute.

What if nothing ever opens?

Sometimes a thief uses a hammer to simply break the glass in a window so that they can crawl on through. At that point the window and the frame don’t separate. Theoretically the alarm would not go off.

That is why every alarm system includes one of two secondary systems. One is the motion detector. The motion detector is a good back up system to use when you’re not home, as it will eventually catch a thief inside the home. When you are home, you can hit the “motion off” button so you don’t set off your alarm when you go downstairs to get a snack. 🙂

Alternatively, you can opt for a glass break system. This will trigger the alarm if any glass shatters in your home. This is a more passive system which can stay on all the time.

Simple but effective!

Your home security system is not complicated. It is elegant, and it is very effective! And right now you can get up to $1300 of equipment for free. Are you ready to find out more? If you live in the Charlotte, NC area, call us for your security system quote today.


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