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How to Have a Safer Summer

summer safetyIt won’t be long now. Soon the kids will be out of school.

Vacations will be taken. Fun will be had.

And all over America people will make the big security mistakes that make the summer months some of the most active times for burglars and other criminals.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about that. After reading this blog post you’re going to be a little bit more prepared and a little more safety conscious so that you can have happy memories this summer.

Close your windows!

We’ve already seen some of the warmer, more pleasant weather that makes it tempting to open up the windows all night long. We love pleasant breezes too, and those spring and summer outdoor smells can certainly be intoxicating.

Just make sure you are closing and locking each window before you leave the house and before you go to bed. Wide open windows are an invitation to criminals, and it’s an invitation that many take every single year.

Don’t assume that burglars will take a pass just because you are home. Home invasions are on the rise, and sleeping soundly while offering open access to your home is a serious safety risk that should not be ignored.

Network with neighbors.

When neighbors come together to keep everyone safer, everyone benefits. Start getting to know your neighbors. Pay attention to who comes and who goes, and when.

Sooner or later you’ll develop a few friends you can trust. You can arrange with one another to pay attention to each other’s properties during vacations.

This could mean picking up the mail, or newspapers. It could also mean parking cars in your driveway or just keeping an eye out.

If you’re shy you can of course pay for these services. Many pet sitting services also offer these kinds of limited house sitting services, for example. The important thing is to avoid a situation where you are letting the world know that your home is unattended.

Stay cautious on social networks.

So you’re no longer checking in on social media sites. Great!

However, you may not be out of the woods yet. Many people are still remarkably careless on social media, especially around vacation time.

It doesn’t matter if you have your privacy settings locked down tight. Facebook, for example, changes what it displays all the time…which means a friend who comments on your excited post about your upcoming vacation may well display that entire post to his unprotected friends network.

Posting photos from your vacation while you are still on vacation is like drawing a big red targeting circle around your home. You’re not only gone, but you’re wealthy enough to take this vacation.

So wait till you get home to talk about your trip, and post your photos after you get home. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your vacation spot than constantly upload photos anyway?

And if you’re taking friends or extended family members along make sure that you discuss the photo and announcement policy with them as well. Your entire strategy can be derailed if an enthusiastic cousin “tags” your photo on Facebook.

Stop Procrastinating

The best way to prepare for summer, of course, is to make sure that your home has the protection it needs. If you’ve been thinking about getting a home security system but have been putting it off until now, it’s time to make that call.

If you live in the Charlotte, NC area, call JSB. We’re a trusted name in home security, and you can count on us to defend your home during your summer vacation…and beyond.


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