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Let’s End the Debate About Security Alarm Signs

security signThere are a lot of misconceptions about security alarm signs. Since bad advice can be costly both to your wallet and to your peace of mind we wanted to take a moment to address some of these misconceptions so that you can make informed decisions about how you will protect your home.

Ironically, the two biggest misconceptions stem from two opposing mistakes. One misconception assigns too much value to the signs, and one misconception assigns too little value to them.

I don’t need a monitored alarm system. I just need the sign.

People who rely on the sign too much tend to assume that the sign alone will protect them. Their reasoning is that they’ll just post (cheap) signs to fool burglars, and then they won’t have to pay for a home security system.

It is true that your security alarm sign will be a powerful deterrent, and that deterrent is part of an overall effort to “harden” your home. However, some burglars think just like you do, so they’ll blast right past that sign and risk burglarizing your home anyway.

Many burglars are panicked or desperate, so they might not even see the signs to begin with.

When this happens, which would you rather the burglar find? An unprotected home or a 90 decibel alarm which makes it clear that the police are on the way?

Furthermore, if you’re in the home would you prefer the burglar slip on in, or would you prefer to have some kind of alert which gives you the chance to get out of the home while knowing that the police are on their way?

You shouldn’t put out a sign. It tells burglars how to defeat the system.

This is the myth that underestimates the effectiveness of a sign.

A home without a home security system is 300% more likely to be burglarized. How will a burglar know which homes to avoid if you don’t put out a sign?

It takes an extreme professional to disable most alarm systems. Smashing the panel won’t work. The signal still travels to the monitoring system. There’s no cutting most phone lines, as in the movies, because most phone lines are now buried.

That even assumes you are using a land line for your system. You might use a cellular connection instead.

In short, it is very, very difficult for burglars to disable home alarm systems. Remember, 85% of these burglaries are not being carried out by professional thieves. Burglars with a drug addiction are far more common…these are not exactly technical geniuses who are going to be able to say, “Oh yeah, a JSB alarm system. I know exactly how to defeat that.”

Penny wise and pound foolish?

These comments both come from the same sources…homeowners who are reluctant to invest in a home security system. One is trying to save money by getting the benefits of a system without the investment. The other is trying to tell us that he doesn’t want to pay for the system because maybe it’ll just be defeated anyway, and the deterrent may do him more harm than good.

Both of these are fallacies, as we have seen. And neither of them are really necessary.

After all, a home security system entitles you to a hefty discount from your homeowner’s insurance provider which may simply pay for the system, month after month. In addition, it protects the people and animals in your home who can’t be replaced.

So why quibble over signs? If you live in Charlotte, NC, contact JSB Security today for your free security audit and walk-through. We’ll show you exactly how to protect your home…and we’ll bring you some signs, too.


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