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4 Reasons Why Getting a Dog is Not Enough to Protect Your Home

Sometimes, people tell us that they don’t need monitored home security services because they have a dog. We love dogs! But they’re not usually the best way to protect your home.

Don’t believe us? Here are 4 reasons why this is true.

1. Burglars and Home Invaders Are Not Deterred By Dogs

The easiest way to protect your home is through deterrence. This means that you make your home a “hard target,” something that a burglar or a home invader doesn’t want to hit.

Dogs don’t make your home any harder to a burglar’s eyes. They have multiple ways to deal with dogs. A more humane burglar might bring your dog a steak to distract him. A less humane burglar might be armed, and might shoot your dog before proceeding to clean out your home.

In contrast, a home security system acts as a big deterrent to criminals. And if they aren’t scared off by the sign, the sound of the shrieking alarm and the realization that the system is monitored will usually send them packing before they get anything important (or before they hurt your dog).

2. Most Dogs are Trained to Be Nice to Guests

While we all like to think that our dogs would make good guard dogs the truth is that most dogs are friendly to guests, and curious about them. The dog might bark at a burglar, but he’s usually not going to try to stop him.

And if you’re counting on your neighbors to respond to the sound of a barking dog while you’re not home, don’t. Think about how many times you’ve heard a neighborhood dog and ignored it, thinking: it’s probably nothing.

3. A Dog Can’t Call the Police

A monitored home security system means that someone is right there to call the police if something goes wrong at your home. Your dog can’t do that for you.

The police can actually catch the burglar in the act, which means that you don’t lose anything that he might have tried to take.

4. Your Dog is a Member of Your Family

Installing a monitored home security system is all about protecting your home and family. Why make your beloved dog the last line of defense?

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